Dairy Placement

I carried out my dairy placement on a farm where there are 5 robotic milking machines installed.
This reduced the time spent milking however allowed time to carryout other jobs. My daily jobs
would include feeding calves and checking for over all health, drying off cows who had finished
lactation and moving freshly calved cows into the milking shed. We also carried out a lot of foot
trimming. This allowed me to put in to practice the knowledge we have been taught on real feet. I
seen different conditions/ issue, and was able to see how they are treated. We also carried out de-
horning of calves and I was able to assist with the routine weekly vet visit. Looking at any ill animals
and herd fertility. I also went during a busy week of calving. The farm had a very strict protocol of
hydrating the cow post calving and ensuring the calves received their colostrum to increase calf
health. Although the hours are long, I loved my dairy placement!