Lambing Placement

During my lambing placement I experienced a wide range of practices and procedures that I had not previously had the chance to observe. This enabled me to develop a wide range of skills including my problem solving and communication skills as well as enhancing my knowledge within this area of veterinary medicine which further benefitted me when it came to my exams. 

Duties that I carried out included bedding up in the morning and afternoons, feeding, assisting with lambing, and getting involved with the common issues arising during lambing such as prolapses, C sections and metabolic disorders. 

Although I wouldn’t necessarily say that there were negatives to this placement, one thing I can say is that the hours are very long so don’t be in for a shock. Some days I was working from 5:30/6am in the morning till 10/11 pm at night with no day off for 14 days. This meant I was left feeling exhausted most of the time, however, I would 100% do the placement all over again.